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I can’t control the President, but there are 3 things I can control.

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Over the past six months I feel like all I ever see on social media is people complaining about politics, who did or didn’t win, why the US is going to go down the toilet and how politicians should run the county.  I am no politician, I vote religiously and have an opinion on politics, but I choose to keep my opinions to myself, not because I don’t care, but because I think once the election is over a lot of it is out of my hands.  I know that I can reach out to my legislators, but lets be real, I don’t have time for that.  There are a few things that are in my control however, and they have a much greater impact on both my and others’ lives.

1- I am in full control of my attitude.  I can’t control how my senators, congressmen or legislators vote on a daily basis, but I can control how I react to situations.  I may have a customer who flies off the handle because their feed bill is too high.  I regularly have calves that are stubborn that don’t want to eat. In fact, I got a black eye last weekend because a calf head bunted me in the eye while I was trying to give her fresh bedding.  I also can’t control when my three year old pees in her bed, followed by a 9 month old ‘talking’ in bed for 45 minutes at 3:00 am.  The only thing I can control in these situations is how I react to them.  I could freak out, lash out or fight back, but I don’t, because I am an adult and hope I am setting a better example than that for my kids. (I have to admit I had a few choice words for the calf though).

2 – I can control how hard I work.  We all have that one co-worker.  You know, the one that you feel like you’re carrying so they get a gravy train job and you’re stuck busting your hinder.  No matter what the task might be, I don’t want to be that person for anyone.  When it comes to my customers, I know my expectations, and do my best to meet them.  As a farmer, I bust my butt to harvest  wholesome food for people to enjoy, even though it’s hard to make ends meet.  As a mom, I struggle to get the laundry and dishes done, but at the end of the day, no one controls how much I get done, or how much I need a break, more that I do.

3 – I control how I manage my time.  I get asked a lot how I do it all.  My response is usually pretty simple.  I only spend time doing things I want to do.  Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t love spending my time scrubbing toilets, scrubbing calf pens or trying to make cows pee to do urine pH’s (yes that is a thing, and no it isn’t fun).  But they are all things that come with the territory of being a mom, farmer and nutritionist, and those things are what I have chosen and love to do.  Do things that ‘fill your cup’ or give you more energy to do the next thing because they are things you love to do.  I’m not a church choir director, preschool board president or dairy farmer because I have to be.  I do all of the things that I do because they make me who I am and are what I love to do.

The next time you read a political post, or are ready to write one, think about if you can control what you’re complaining about or not, and if you can’t, maybe try to spend energy on things that you can.  It is much less exhausting and usually ends with much better results.


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I am mother of three beautiful children, wife to a 'hunter-gather-fisherman' type man, dairy nutritionist for Vita Plus, and modern-day dairy farmer. My life revolves around all sorts of meals, whether they're for my family, my customers' cows, or the dairy products, corn and soybeans that my family produces for the world.

One thought on “I can’t control the President, but there are 3 things I can control.

  1. Amen Eliza! Awesome and very well written! Your family is adorable! I wish everyone could have the chance to read this!

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